The Andrews on the Manning

Therese Archinal

In this book Therese records both the strengths and weaknesses of the Andrews families. Using impeccable research she tells the stories of the  Andrews family in the Manning Valley.  There are hundreds of photographs – many of which are being seen for the first time.

176 pages including photographs
21 cm x 29.5 cm
Printed 2003
Softcoverost: $30

The Railway Gatehouse at Dollys Flat

Reminiscences of a Railway Family 1925-1963

Royce Byrnes

The construction of the northern railway line in the early 1900’s necessitated the introduction of gatehouses situated at line crossings along the route.

This book records the difficult life of the Byrnes family, who raised fourteen children beside the tracks between 1925 and 1963.

Little has been written about this unusual family lifestyle and this book gives an important insight into another aspect of rural life.

125 pages
145 cm x 21 cm
printed 1999
cost $18

The Saga of Somerset

 Evelyn Boyce

This is the story of some of the people who lived and worked on Somerset during the period spanning almost a century when the property was owned by the Andrews family.


52 pages

14.5 cm x 21 cm

Printed  1982

cost $6

The Swiss Swagman

Theodor Müller’s Nineteen Years in Australia

Translated by Frank Pammer
Edited by Maurie Garland & John Ramsland


Theodor Müller left his home in Switzerland and arrived in Sydney in 1857.  He spent nineteen years travelling the Australian Outback, mainly on foot. He roamed north to Brisbane, west to Mudgee and south to Gundagai, sleeping beneath the stars and finding work where he could. In observing the culture of this new country, Müller also wrote chapters on gold, squatters, bushrangers, & Aboriginals.

To supplement the text, the editors have illustrated the book with many nineteenth century drawings, and provided annotations, background boxes and commentary boxes.

320 pages
13.5 cm x 21 cm
Printed 2007
Cost: $25

The Tales They Tell

A Folk History of the Upper Manning  Cooplacurripa – Tiri – Tigrah

Compiled and written by Suzanne Sampson & Margaret Smith

This book makes no claim to give a scholarly account of the early settlement of the Upper Manning area.  Rather, it is a folk history told, as they remember it, by the descendants of the early pioneering families.

112 pages
21 cm x 29.5 cm
printed 1987
cost $25

The Trials of Isabella Mary Kelly – New edition

A Pioneering Woman’s Struggle for Justice

Maurie Garland

Isabella Mary Kelly (no relation to Ned) was born in Dublin, and arrived in Australia in 1835, a wealthy single woman in a man’s world.   She became the third settler in the Manning Valley, a pioneer in her own right. Isabella ran her  property herself, using assigned convict labour.  Isabella was disliked by her male counterparts who lived nearby and was eventually accused and convicted of a crime she did not commit

This is the story of her struggle to prove her innocence and obtain justice.

355 pages
13.5 cm x 21 cm
Revised and Updated Edition Printed 2012
Cost: $30

Tinonee Memories

 “Tinobi” (Big Shark)

A brief history of Tinonee

40 pages
14 cm x 21.5 cm
First published 1988
Cost: $20

Town and Country

A History of the Manning Valley

Max Solling

Max Solling’s latest book describes the rich history of the Manning Valley.  He paints a vivid picture of Australia before and after settlement, telling the tales of characters who left homelands to start  new lives on the other side the world.

He also illuminates the conservation history of the Wingham Brush, the last remnant of ancient wilderness in the region, and details the fight for its survival.

382 pages with photographs, index and 4 detailed appendices
19.5 cm x 26 cm
Printed 2014
Cost: $50

Trains To The Manning

Evelyn Boyce and Joan Gibson

The first train arrived in Taree in 1913.  This book details the story behind that arrival.  It is divided into three sections:  Gaining approval to build it, Building the railway, and its early days of operation.

56 pages with over 40 photographs14.5 cm x 21 cm
Third Edition 2003
Cost: $8

Tying the Knot Manning Style 1860-1970

Margaret Clark

This book is designed to showcase the gowns that women have worn in the Manning Valley since the  end of the  19th century and the way traditions around the celebration of marriage reflect the customs of the period.

84 pages
21 cm x 29.5 cm
printed 2017
cost $10

Vision Splendid

Rev.Dr. John Flynn and the Australian Inland Mission

Compiled and edited by Daryl Lightfoot and Sue Pacey

A limited edition ( of 400 copies ) commemorative monograph celebrating the centenary of the inauguration of The Australian Inland Mission.

Contents include: ‘Reflections’ by Rev.Dr. Colin Ford, former AIM Padre; ‘Memories of Rev.Dr. John Flynn; ‘Antecedents of the Australian Inland Mission – People and Places’; Flynn’s ‘Call to the Church’-The 1912 General Assembly of Australia; and Itinerant and Special Ministries – 1912 onwards.

The book also covers ‘The AIM Nursing Service; Some AIM Padres/Patrols; The Aerial Medical Service and the Pedal Radio’.


56 pages
21 cm x 29.5 cm
Printed 2012
Cost: $15


A Folk History of the Manning Valley

Helen Hannah

Helen says of this book:
“Every person has a story to tell. My desire to hear and record some of these stories led me to write this book. As well as successful farmers and sawmill owners, I spoke to share farmers, rabbiters, women who dairyed and reared large families, as well as others who are usually forgotten by history.”

230 pages
16 cm x 23 cm
First published 1988
Cost: $20

Wherrol Flat – Caparra Memories of a Bygone Era

Tom Woollard

In this book Tom has focused on the years he and Jean, his wife, spent at Caparra.  He has drawn on his observations of life around him to paint a picture of a community, which, notwithstanding social, cultural, and religious differences, worked together to improve the district for the good of everyone.  Tom has shown us the bonds which develop between people striving together for a better life.


51 pages
14.5 cm x 21 cm
First Edition 2002
Cost: $10

Who Poisoned Mary Dean?

by Maurie Garland

Set in colonial Sydney in 1895. With painstaking research, Maurie Garland reveals for the first time the full story behind the trial that changed Australia justice.

The trial that followed her husband’s arrest and the public meetings and Royal Commission that followed, riveted the attention of all Australia as crucial questions about the roles of judges, lawyers and witnesses in trials were examined, trying to determine what constitutes a fair trial.

263 pages with photographs
13.5 x 21cm
Printed 2019
Cost $25

Wingham and St. Matthews

 Norma Neal and Minna Senior

This book is a history of Wingham’s Anglican Parish of St. Matthews and a story of the town itself.  It highlights the way of life of the early communities in the Valley and then focuses on the people and township of Wingham.

128 pages
145 cm x 21 cm
printed 1998
cost $15

Wingham Municipal Council’s Housing Scheme 1954 – 1980

by Bill Beach

Home ownership occupies a special place in the Australian psyche providing a strong sense of emotional security and safety. For 26 years Wingham Municipal Council conducted a remarkably successful housing finance scheme that assisted almost 400 local families to own their own home. There is little doubt that the housing scheme differentiated Wingham from many other country towns and is something of which the town can be proud.

26 pages with photographs
14 x 21.5cm
Printed 2019
Cost $14.00