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Wingham Museum occupies a prominent position in the town’s historic center. Built c1870, it is one of the oldest commercial buildings in town. It had a long history of its own before its was opened as a museum in 1968 by renowned aviatrix, Nancy Bird-Walton AO OBE DStJ.

In the 50-years since its foundation, Wingham Museum has become an integral part of the community. It’s amazing collection reflects the generosity of local donors, and a shared community commitment to keeping the history of the Manning Valley. Its volunteers work hard to keep the museum open 7 days a week and, in addition, publish books and a bi-annual journal, assist with family history enquiries and regularly add their knowledge and assistance to local festivals and other community projects.

Today, Wingham Museum offers the people of the Manning and visitors a unique cultural and heritage experience. It has become an amazing tourist and education destination, as well as an archive of great significance.

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An amazing


Wingham Museum is the custodian of a large collection of artefacts representing all facets of life in the Manning. More than 10,000 items are presented over 500 square meters of exhibition space that includes the following themes…

In other words – it’s big! Come in and see our for yourself. Walk through the jail cell that held infamous bushranger, Jimmy Governor or read about the trials of Isabella Mary Kelly – the inspiration for Di Morrissey’s book “the Valley”.

Our friendly and knowledgeable volunteers are available to assist with your enquiries.



Our special exhibition for the December – January school Holidays will be toys and games.

Come along and see what toys and games your grandparents and parents may have played with as children.


When to Visit

Opening Hours

Opening hours are 10am to 4pm, every day except for Good Friday, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day when the museum is closed. Please note however – we are a volunteer organization and cannot always guarantee our doors will be open. To avoid disappointment, we suggest you call ahead of your visit, 02  6553 5823 .

Our Archives and Research Center is open on Tuesdays, 10am to 2pm, with research and collections volunteers available to help with your inquiries.


Manning Valley Historical Society

Management committee

The Management Committee of the Manning Valley Historical Society consists of five (5) office bearers and between three (3) and seven (7) ordinary members. The members of the committee are elected to their position at the Annual General Meeting held on the third Wednesday of August each year, The current committee follows…

  • President – Mave Richardson
  • Vice President – Robyn Greenaway
  • Vice President – Scott Grant
  • Secretary – Katherine Bell
  • Treasurer – Neale Greenaway
  • Ordinary Members – Judy Yarrington, Jeff Chan, Kaye Wallace, Carol Clarke, Bob Berry, Anne Parish, and Margaret Clark.

Wingham Museum and its collection are owned by MVHS and overseen by its Management Committee in trust for the people of the Manning. The duties, responsibilities and authorities of the Committee are documented in its constitution.

An overview of the Society’s organisational structure and its mission statement  are presented here.