Vision Splendid

Rev.Dr. John Flynn and the Australian Inland Mission

Compiled and edited by Daryl Lightfoot and Sue Pacey

A limited edition ( of 400 copies ) commemorative monograph celebrating the centenary of the inauguration of The Australian Inland Mission.

Contents include: ‘Reflections’ by Rev.Dr. Colin Ford, former AIM Padre; ‘Memories of Rev.Dr. John Flynn; ‘Antecedents of the Australian Inland Mission – People and Places’; Flynn’s ‘Call to the Church’-The 1912 General Assembly of Australia; and Itinerant and Special Ministries – 1912 onwards.

The book also covers ‘The AIM Nursing Service; Some AIM Padres/Patrols; The Aerial Medical Service and the Pedal Radio’.


56 pages
21 cm x 29.5 cm
Printed 2012
Cost: $15