Special Jubilee Edition Journal – May 2014

History of the Manning Valley Historical Society by John McKenzie
Tarree and Taree

Part 1: William Wynter by Penny Rich and Katherine Bell
Part 2: Henry Flett by Maurie Garland

Justice in the Manning Valley: The Bench of Magistrates by Warren Cross
Rev Thomas Watt versus Henry Flett by Maurie Garland
Tracks and Early Roads by Wilf Connors
The Urbanisation of the Manning Valley by Eric Richardson
A River in Time by David Nutley
Scottish Immigration:

Part 1: Leaving Scotland by Margaret Clark
Part 2: The Manning Valley by Margaret Clark

The Rev Samuel Stewart by Doug Stewart
19th Century Encounters between Blackfella and Whitefella by John Ramsland
The Rise and Fall of the Manning River Steam Navigation Company by Shirley Xanthos, Margaret Clark and Penny Rich
Voyage to the Manning River on SS Diamantina, 1873 by Sydney Morning Herald
Tinonee National School by Maurie Garland
Killawarra Public School by Glenda Smith
From Steam Boat to Steam Train by Jim Revitt
Henry Kendall at Cundletown:

Part 1: Henry Kendall My Father – Frederick Kendall Article
Part 2: My New Home – Henry Kendall Article
Part 3: The Life of Henry Kendall by Maurie Garland

From Horace to Hawkeye: Manning Valley Newspapers by Rod Kirkpatrick
The Birth of Rugby League by Mal Rattray
How to Lose a Premiership by Maurie Garland
Lebanese Settlement in the Manning Valley by Penny Rich
Sunset on the Sunrise – Manning River Times Article
The Light at the Bottom of the Manning River by Maurie Garland
The Chinese on the Manning by Eric Richardson
A Time Walk Around Wingham by Eric Richardson, Arthur Cooper, Penny Rich
A Breach of Promise by Maurie Garland
William Willmett Board and Son by Marion Hosking
The Great Taree Fire, 1905 by Katherine Bell
The Growth of the Early Cattle Industry by Eric Richardson
Brief History of Mapping in NSW for Administrative Purposes by Arthur Wakeman
The Wingham Hotel:

Part 1: From “Lamb Inn” to “Bottom Pub” by Penny Rich
Part 2: End of an Era – News Reports
Part 3: Growing up in the Pub with no Peer by Sue Milliken

A Time Walk Along Pulteney Street by Katherine Bell

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