Journal #69 December 2023

This is a special issue centered around the Wingham Memorial Hall and the opening of its time capsule.

The Wingham Memorial Town Hall

Following the Armistice, Wingham’s desire to establish a soldier memorial and it’s need for a town hall emerged.

The Wingham Municipal Council 1889 – 1980

The Wingham Municipal Council existed for 90 years from 1889 until the amalgamation with the Greater Taree City Council in 1980.

The Time Capsule

Placed in the wall of the Wingham Memorial Town Hall behind the foundation stone, the time capsule was extracted after one hundred years.

The Wingham RSL Sub-branch

The Wingham RSL Sub-branch has been in existence for over a hundred years and continues its functions today.

Entertainment at the Memorial Town Hall

As well as its function as a Memorial Hall and a Civic Hall, the new hall became the entertainment centre of Wingham.

A Wingham Timeline

Events, both big and small, are chosen from Wingham’s past.

Wingham Long Ago

We look at Wingham in 1866 and in 1926.

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