Journal #50 – June 2014

The Langley Vale Tramway; Part 2: The Steam Era 1912 to 1933

Ian McNeal continues the story of the Langley Brothers timber company.
by Ian McNeil

The Education of Bishop Ernest Burgmann

This is the story of Ernest Burgmann’s education at Koppin Yarrat (Central Lansdowne) and his thoughts, as an Anglican Bishop, on educating children.
by Katherine Bell

From the Archives: Going to the Movies

We look at the Manning Valley’s dedicated movie theatres.
by Maurie Garland

The Opening of the Mitchells Island Factory: A Pictorial

On November 30th, 1918, the most modern (for 1918) milk factory opened.
by Maurie Garland

Draining Oxley Island

Warwick Murray tells how the Island has been saved from salt and swamp.
by Warwick Murray

F.A. Fitzpatrick and the Wingham Chronicle

The Life of F A Fitzpatrick who spent over 40 years at the Wingham Chronicle.
by Maurie Garland

Why I Became a Journalist

From an article in the Dungog Chronicle in 1932.
by F.A. Fitzpatrick

My Time as a Printer’s Devil

The Wharfdale Printing Press
In The Museum: The Arab Treadle Press
Max Waters served his apprenticeship on the Wingham Chronicle post WW11.
by Max Waters

A Career in Newspapers

Bill Green began his newspaper career as an apprentice at the Wingham Chronicle.
by Bill Green

Revitalising the Museum

Our Museum Curator tells of plans for the Museum.
by Terry Tournoff

Out at Sea and on Fire

The tragic story of the passenger ferry Daphne.
by Maurie Garland

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