Journal #49 – December 2013

The Langley Vale Tramway; Part 1: 1897 to 1912

Ian McNeal narrates the operations of the Langley Brothers timber company in the virgin forests of the Lansdowne escarpment, and the tramway they built to bring the timber down to the Lansdowne River, to be shipped to markets.
by Ian McNeil

The Diva and the Dentist

When Penny decided to find out why the AA Maloney Memorial Gates were erected at Taree Park in 1939, she uncovered an amazing story.
by Penny Teerman

Coopernook: A Pictorial

The early days of this bustling river port.
by Penny Rich

Medicine on the Manning

In 1963, local Manning doctor, Francis Bayldon gave the Mulvey Address, in which he outlined the history of Manning medicine.
by Maurie Garland

Looking Back: The Wreck of the “Kincumber”

by Maurie Garland

The Rise of the Manning Valley Dairy Industry

An extract from Bill Beach’s forthcoming book.
by Bill Beach

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