Journal #46 – October 2012

Ancestors: On Dingo Creek

[The Broomfield and Herkes Families arrive on Dingo Creek in 1852]
by Ruth Woodward and Maurie Garland

The Old Bakery: An Historic Challenge

[Buying a house at Mount George nearly one hundred years old]
by Narelle Smith and Barbara Waters

The McRae Smith Family Papers

[Building the Lighthouse at Crowdy Head]
Edited by Maurie Garland

A Lost Poem by Henry Kendall

[Called perhaps “A Father to a Bride”]
From the McRae Smith Family Papers

Christmas at Old Bar, 1925

[Annual holiday makers]
Extracts by “A Visitor” from the Manning River Times.

Book Review: Of This Watershed The Soldiers of the Wallamba by Stuart Weller

Reviewed by John Ramsland, Emeritus Professor of History The University of Newcastle

Book Release: The Trials of Isabella Mary Kelly

Release of the second edition

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