Journal #44 – December 2011 / January 2012

Wingham Cenotaph and Remembrance Wall: Design and symbolism

[Story behind new monuments at
Wingham Memorial Town Hall]
by Allen Valentine, MVHS Member

The colourful career of Wingham’s first mayor, Joshua Cochrane

[Life and times of J Cochrane, 1866-1914]
by David Evans, former MVHS Member,

The Pioneer Storekeepers

[Trust between storekeepers and farmer settlers helps prosperity]
from ‘Old Days-Old Ways’ column,
Wingham Chronicle, 16 May 1939

Gateways to Wingham

[Building of Cedar Party and Bight bridges]
by Mal Rattray and Mieke van Werdt,
MVHS Members

From Bridge to Bishop

[Ernest Burgmann’s journey from
Lansdowne to Anglican Bishop of
by Penny Rich,
MVHS journal editor

Wingham’s first land grant: Bungay Bungay

[Early settlement]
by Penny Rich,
journal editor, from MVHS archives

Essay on Manning River, Australia

[The Manning through the eyes
of a young boy!]

by T W New,
who resided Bungay Bungay 1841-45

Usual Departments

From the President, Book Review and launch (Horace Dean: A pocketful of lies'[Author: Maurie Garland], Vale Alan Richardson [3 May 1930-1 July 2011], Society archive accessions, Society information

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