Press Release – Digitising the Collection

Wingham Museum has received a grant to purchase an archival scanner and computer. This scanner will be used to create permanent, digital records of the museum’s portraits, photographs, films and other vulnerable documents. The digital copies will provide ongoing access to the collection, while the originals are preserved in archival storage. This was a key recommendation of conservator, Kay Soderlund in her 2019 assessment of the museum and its collection.

“Our photographic collection is particularly important to the museum”, said photographic curator, Judy Yarrington, “Every theme in the museum is documented by photographs of people, places, buildings, community celebrations and events. This project will help us preserve that history”.

This project was made possible by the 2020 Community Building Partnership grant funded through the NSW state government. Member for Myall Lakes, Stephen Bromhead, informed the museum of its successful application in November and presented its management committee with a cheque for $7,663 in January.

As the largest collections organization in the Midcoast Council LGA, Wingham Museum offers the people of the Manning and visitors a unique cultural and heritage experience. It has become an important tourist and education destination, as well as an archive of great significance.


Scott Grant