February 2020 GM Minutes


Founded 20 May 1964

General MEETING 



The meeting was declared open at 10.00 with Garry Hollis in the chair.

ATTENDANCE:  Peter Langdown, Kathie Bell, Kath Hill, Robyn Greenaway, Scott Grant, John Wooldridge, Judy Yarrington, Garry Hollis, Neal Greenaway, Terry Tournoff, Carol Pammer, Leon Poulton, Judith Jackson, Narelle Smith, Kari Hill, Bruce Hill, Jenny Nicoll, Kaye Wallace, Sue Langdown.

APOLOGIES: Kim Armstrong, Leslie Poulton, Cherie Jenkins

Apologies accepted.   Moved Judy Yarrington, seconded Kathie Bell.


MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING:  Accepted.  Moved Leon Poulton, seconded Carol Pammer.


Bight Cemetery – Kathie reported that the Heritage Reference Group will meet next Monday. Council have advised that they will have a representative at this meeting.


Incoming correspondence received and outgoing endorsed – moved Kathie Bell, seconded Leon Poulton.



TREASURER’S REPORT – prepared by Leslie Poulton, presented by Leon Poulton.

Motion to accept and pay outstanding accounts.   Moved Kathie Bell, seconded Robyn Greenaway.



Reports read and tabled as follows:

President/Management – Garry

Maintenance – Neale

Museum –Terry

Photographic – Judith J.

Archives – Jenny

Books – Carol

Shop – Cherie, read by Carol

Textiles/Collections – Robyn



Promotions/Publicity – Garry. Regular notices are still running OK in the local papers.

Grants/IT– Scott. Work has almost been completed on the redevelopment of workspace and storage areas, funded by grants. Mosaic computer is currently in for repairs.  Working on networking the museum computers and backing up of files.

Tours – Kathie.  One school group has been through so far this year.  Very slow at the moment. There are some booked in for later in the year. Possibly we could send some reminders to the schools.

BWSF – Kathie.  First meeting of the committee was held on 3 February.  Clan for this year is MacPherson. The financial situation is reasonable.  They are considering getting Scottish street banners for display to promote the festival using some grant money received. Also considering ways to increase income, such as approaching businesses for sponsorship, charging for programs and tent sites. They are looking at ways to have Wingham identified as a Scottish town.  Also looking to put a cairn in the park, and are approaching council about this.



Terry – MVHS hosted the Australia Day Ceremony in the park, with 150-200 attending.  This received coverage in the local paper and was good PR at no cost to the society.  Brochures and flyers also had the MVHS name on them.  Council no longer organizes this event, but subsidizes these ceremonies.

Garry thanked Terry for taking on the arrangements for the Australia Day ceremony.

Neale – Plans for the alley way are underway.  Discussion of extra storage for archives.  When the project has been completed, and currently stored items have been moved into their allocated areas, we will know what space is still available.

Garry – Please make sure who you remember to sign in and out in the book provided each time you are here.  This is critical for insurance purposes.

Next meeting Wednesday 18 March 2020 at 10am in the MVHS meeting room.


The meeting closed at 10.55am.